3D LUT Creator 1.52 Crack Torrent Full Version [Mac & Win]

By | March 17, 2024

3D LUT Creator 2.3 Crack Torrent Full Version For [Mac & Win]

3D LUT Creator 1.52 Crack Torrent Full Version [Mac & Win]

3D LUT Creator 2024 Crack is an application of good color grading of digital images and videos. It makes 3D LUTs import in many software. Like adobe photoshop, DaVinci resolves, adobe premiere pro, final cut pro, adobe after effects. It creates color gradings and corrections to pictures, video footage. Change your pictures easily. Change colors anywhere. It gives the worthy setting of pictures looking.

3D LUT Creator Torrent can connect to photoshop to import running files. it is used in the film and video industry. Create a color grade to photoshop and send it back to it the same as the color lookup preset. You can change the special color by pressing shift and dropping the points. Create color sets for photoshop manipulation. correct color in RGB with scanned images. Its user interface can twist, bend, and change color in the way you like most. It has three versions:

  • Grading version
  • Standard version
  • Pro version

Good magic is in three parts:

  • A/B chart: a color cycle or vectorscope.
  • C/L curve: for chroma lightness and has two charts that combine A/B surface perpendicular. It displays light on the vertical axis and saturation on the horizontal. It has the colors magenta, green, blue, and yellow.
  • 2D curve: it is RB color of R-G, G-B, R-B opposite of lightness. Three points define RGB primaries. They spin to search real RGB channels

It has three tabs:

  • Channel: it handles color adjustment. It is an edition of a color blender.
  • Volume: it handles color importance
  • It limits correction, loads of outer LUTs, and changes the operation order of tools. You can select which channel you like to base the mask on, where you like to drag it, and how you like to change it.

Features of 3D LUT Creator Torrent

  • Colors matching:

Match color grading of a reference picture as you like. Match color grade of films, screenshots, or other pictures and mimic color style.

Export color tablets in 3d, cube, Lut, CSP, cms, png Lut, abstract ICC.

  • Auto level:

Hue and saturation curves.

  • Developer:

Russian photographer Oleg Sharonov

  • a/b chart:

it gives controls of tint, temperature, brightness, contrast, saturation, and others.

  • RGB/Lightness, modern sections:

Luma/sat, sat/luma, sat/sat, luma/luma

  • Grid:

Maintain shape and division. drag anything from the grid, put another place, and change like colors.

  • Points:

Maintain to create a good slides, and transitions.

Top Advantages of 3D LUT Creator Cracked

  • Structure:

Good, easy, strong,

  • Easy:

Simple, easy to use. Good and surprising results.

  • Support:

RAW files. Grouping processing, add the color grade to a group of pictures directly.

  • Correct colors:

Correct colors on pictures. They will look good and contrast. Add disposal, latest curves maks colors.


  • Master module:

Limit the file of correction to the reference image.

Display scopes, picture statistics, and media files.

  • Look, manager:

It has a set of presets, curve sections, randomize button.

What’s new?

The new version is 1.52

Features of The New Version?

Browse many LUts is easy, it will identify other LUTS in an application.

How to Crack & Install?

  1. Download the 3D LUT Creator Crack file first of all
  2. Extract this and forced to play all
  3. Then Install it on a device then close this app
  4. Now Press to Active special software
  5. Wait for activation Process
  6. Its take 2 mint for activation
  7. Finally, that’s all done.

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